Art inspired by Yoko Ono's Acorn, a book of conceptual instructions, and my own meditations. Anyone may share with credit.


The same book I bought four years ago, Acorn by Yoko Ono, is still acting as inspiration, now with writing rather than charcoaling. I haven't read any of it in a couple years, but when reflecting on my meditation and self-improvement of those couple years, it felt natural to express this time in that way. That the best way to describe my self-talk was to put it down in that instructive yet poetic style.

I like to think of it as a guided meditation.

Interestingly, I found making the dot art to be conducive to brainstorming the writing, and vice-versa. As is visually obvious in the handwritten version, the two became rather intertwined for the final section of the work.

The Work

There's artwork that goes along with the text. Click here to see that as originally handwritten and drawn. The text is typed below for the benefits of searchability and copy-pastability.

To Be Input First and Output Last

Names, all you are called by:

Addresses, past, present, future:

Values, self and other:

When I feel ______, I want myself to know:

When I feel ______, I want myself to know:

When I feel ______, I want myself to know:

Click here for the rest of the artwork.

Sky Piece A

Imagine the sky over your head
with your eyes closed
for a while.

How does it change?
How does it remain?

Sky Piece B

Imagine a cloud passing
overhead, over mind.
Slow yet ephemeral.

Is it fluffy or flat?
White or gray or black?
High and wispy or low and wide?

Is it confident or timid?
Approachable or intimidating?

Watch it pass by
overhead, over mind.
Slow yet ephemeral.

Sky Piece C

Float. A bit.
Float. A bit. Are the clouds any closer?

Fly. Up and up.
Fly. Up and up. You look like ants.

Flow. Through, above.
Flow. Through, above. Can you see through
Flow. Through, above. the clouds?

Peer. Imagine yourself.
Peer. Imagine yourself. Down there somewhere.
Peer. Imagine yourself. Dancing, balancing.
Peer. Imagine yourself. Held while holding space.
Peer. Imagine yourself. Being, creating.

Fall. Meet yourself.
Fall. Meet yourself. As you are.
Fall. Meet yourself. As you want to be.