Most blogs have a few clear content goals. As always, I generalized that a bit too much, and gave myself one very broad goal for my content here. I want this blog to be an illustration of myself:

  1. I'm scatterbrained yet thorough, so there are topics all across the spectrum, and no potential post gets short shrift.
  2. I have been a teacher since the day I was born, so my content should be enriching: elucidating yet puzzling.
  3. I've been a mathematician far longer than I every knew it, so as I generalize, make connections, analyze, and explore, it ends up here, hopefully showing a bit of what math is really about.
  4. Above all, I have fun and go where life takes me, so here, have an adventure.

The Namesake

The name, The Endless, applies in too many ways to all of this. I will never stop exploring, analyzing, and teaching what I have found. My writings often remind me how I can delve down any rabbit hole incessantly, and somehow at the same time, life's interminable breadth of adventure always entices me. And yes, I giggle when I get to call this The Endless Blog. All this, and there is still one most important way The Endless applies that is not obvious, which I think sets the scene well for all my content.

Story Time

In grade school history class,
the people who captured my mind
were not conquerors, conservators, nor profiteers —

there is but one thing worth gaining, saving, and giving
and that is the glory of finding
something new, unexpected, and vast

— so the explorers, of course, caught my eye
and depressed me. "The world is known!
Nothing left to find!" How wrong I was.

For anyone, of any age, may stumble upon
some gem of knowledge never noticed,
that moment of crystal too pure to pierce,
and no matter when nor where, there is
more to discover, just insight and within reach.

Now let us all be explorers in our own ways
pushing boundaries through the endless expanse
where each additional ray of light
falls on untouched earth waiting to be seen.