Holding a dish with one hand
and scrubbing with the other
reminds me of the necessity of stability
and action.

The initial addition of water
reminds me of the necessity
of preparation.

The addition of soap reminds me
of the necessity of an agent.

The final addition of water
reminds me of the often-forgotten
need for conclusion.

The placement on a rack for drying
reminds me of the need
for patience.


All of this...

all these steps together,
as one procedure,
automatic, methodical,
reminds me of the potential
efficiency and capability
of true restoration

So that I, in this process,
am somewhat restored and reformed into a new
familiar vessel.


Halfway through today, I felt the need to check in with myself.
That is, I was starting to feel like what I was doing was no longer
rewarding, and that when I tried to choose something to do next,
I felt lost in too many options that had too much need to be done.

So I began a self-reflection, declaring that I would respect myself,
lean into my edge, check my assumptions, and truly be present,
so that I could really delve in and decide what I wanted out of today.
And when I started asking myself, what am I doing, and why,
I found myself washing a single dish while reflecting, without having deliberately chosen to do so, and conversed:

What are you doing? Washing a dish.

Why? Because it reminds me of the possibility and power of restoration.

Why? — to which I wrote a poem.