Let's figure out what actually happens in this game...

I've had a lot of trouble understanding the mechanics that aren't explicitly explained in the tutorial or a couple games of practice play, so I decided to collect all the content updates Project Winter ever had with a list of the lasting content additions so that it can be easily skimmed.

Before going through any of this, I recommend having already gone through the in-game tutorial. Then the Beginner's Guide and Navigation on the wiki.

Here's the collection of wiki links that end up getting referenced in the Content Updates, so reading all of these should give the current state of the game, more or less.

Content Updates

#1 - The server browser lives!!

  • lobby system

#2 - New ways to betray!

(it looks like every other change didn't persist... requires testing)

#3 - The Truth is out there!

#4 - Master of Disguise

  • swapping clothes (now only usable by the Identity Thief, mentioned in Bonus Objectives, see #11)
  • new Global Event: [unspecified, probably Mass Hysteria]

#5 - Poisonous Update!

  • Poisoning Food (now done while Cooking)

#6 - Ghostly Abilities

#7 - 1.0 Launch

[#8] - Social Rating Update!

  • social rating system
  • new Objective: ¬†Animal Wave
  • new Item: Trap Disarming Kit
  • rematch system
  • quick match system

[#9] - Let's Role Play

  • first Additional Roles: Medic, Defector, {Stitcher}, {Saboteur}
    (now Stitcher replaced by Medic (Traitor) and Saboteur is removed)
  • new Global Event: Airdrops
  • new crafting ability: additional inventory slot

[#10] - New Roles and Booby Traps!

  • new Additional Roles: Innocent, Soldier, Hacker (Traitor)
  • ability to booby trap more objects with Landmines and Poison
  • aiming system improvements

[#11] - Role-ing With It

  • new Additional Roles: {Mad} Scientist, Hacker (Survivor)
  • changes to Medic and Soldier Additional Roles

[#11] - Identity Crisis

[#12] - Can You Dig It?